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MH17 Regarding the Shelling of the Donetsk Train Station 7/21

Facts regarding the Shelling of the Donetsk Train Station on 7/21 by Kiev forces or Making the Dead Wait

     “We will not bombard Donetsk. We will use only ground forces there, which will — street after street, quarter after quarter — free the city,” was the recent claim byAndriy Lysenko of the ATO (Anti Terrorism Operation or the ISH (Invading & Shelling Homes)), in VICE magazine article on 7/27 (https://news.vice.com/article/anti-terror-operation-tightens-net-around-donetsk-as-ukrainian-forces-push-toward-mh17-crash-site).  
    Yet the OSCE reports (http://www.osce.org/node/121521), the shelling a train station in Donetsk on 7/21, effectively keeping the train of dead waiting until the next day… right in front of the eyes of the world.  The OSCE report above clearly confirms that “rebels” were both guarding/assisting the train of bodies and other sources clearly point to rebels in the train station in Donetsk were getting shelled (https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/international/556725-afp-shelling-around-donetsk-train-station & http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/civilians-flee-fighting-around-donetsk-train-station-562267).  
    Is any reason that anyone can think of as to why the Rebels would either a) shell themselves in the Donetsk train station or b) want to slow down the progress of the train of bodies they were reported to have been guarding & c) Why would the “rebels” want to slow the process of the OSCE and the investigation while also assisting them at the same time?  The simple fact is Adriy, Kiev Junta and assisted forces had already shelled the Donetsk train station and stalled the investigation on July 21st, a week before your “sole me promise” to not bomb Donetsk and “assist” the investigation with a terrorist militia conducting sectarian cleansing badly disguised as an antiterrorist campaign in order to hamper an investigation.  At this point, does anyone really have to ask why Kiev and the US would support such and action against the OSCE, UN, investigators, families, the dead and the citizens of their nations whom live under the shadows of their government’s international “beacons” of democracy?  
    This denial of action and responsibility is echoed by Secretary of State John Kerry “…underlined our support for a mutual cease fire verified by the OSCE and reaffirmed our strong support for the international investigation to show the facts of MH17.” (http://blogs.state.gov/stories/2014/07/27/readout-secretary-kerrys-call-russian-foreign-minister-lavrov#sthash.czjKn7zh.dpuf)
From RT news and Twitter came the attitudes of Kiev’s Ukrainian Foreign Minsiter Pavlo Klimkin that I must say reek of propaganda, really giving western media a run for it’s money eh?  Move over Economist, there’s something slimier.  "Terrorists back to their normal outrageous practice: they don't allow OSCE monitors to access the MH17 site, claiming Ukraine army is fighting nearby…Their argument is fake. Ukraine is committed to its unilateral ceasefire.”  So much for staying outside that “40 kilometer zone.”
    Maybe he hasn’t seen some of the evidence I have dredged out of the muck of western propaganda (http://whiteapple.ninja/) and their Black Out of BRICSbank vs IMF.  Also in the RT article were some great comments by “US photographer Patrick Lancaster “There were jets flying overhead and we could hear explosions in the distance,” he said. When Lancaster and his team tried to navigate their way out of the crash site area, “every road that we’ve turned on, there were tank tracks going towards [the nearby rebel-held towns of] Torez and Shakhtersk.  Locals told me that they witnessed Ukrainian tanks going down the road.  It’s pretty obvious that the Ukrainian military is trying to retake Torez and Shakhtersk,”
The situation in the area is “very dangerous.  Very many explosions happening.  Every few minutes there are several explosions and heavy gunfire,” Lancaster stressed. “I can see the two towns burning, basically.”  These are not the reports of a ceasefire folks, sorry.  Also in that RT article is a statement by lead Russian Investigator “Storchevoy, the main task of the international experts will be “finding the true reasons which led to this tragedy,” because “the whole world, including Russia, is interested in objective investigation.”  
    Further, “There was an official request from the Dutch side to include Russian experts into the commission,” he added.  Storchevoy pointed out that there will be no military experts on the commission from the Russian side, since the accident under investigation involves a civilian aircraft.  Lastly I would like to congratulate the Australians and the Dutch on seeing the light of day and having at least a brief window of clear thinking and the Guardian for this headline, ‘MH17: Australia to send police but no military to crash site’  (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/27/mh17-australia-to-send-police-but-no-military-to-crash-site), maybe the word will get around?  For those of you that stand accused by me of spreading half truths at best, you might want to educate yourself on the “International Law of Propaganda” (http://books.google.com/books/about/The_international_law_of_propaganda.html?id=wYURwLp1WlUC)
    And now, if you’ve made it this far, here's my theme song for today...

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