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Response to the VIPS letter written to Obama 7/29/14

     Responce to VIPS letter to Obama 7/29/14

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     Kerry is a horrible representative for the U.S. and it’s rising generations and I’m sure glad you all came up with such an eloquent stab, but where is the mention of McCain… you know, the cheerleader of war? Clapper is even on your list, I suggest that due to the overwhelming public support that McCain has shown both here and abroad for the Kiev Junta, and the fact that he was one of the first ones in congress to lead the war path to Russia after the downing of MH17, that he be included on your list, position debatable (I know that retired CIA live in Sedona). Other than that I commend you on your efforts to communicate a sense of reason and clarity in a respectful attempt to influence the President/Cabinet’s geo-political “attitudes” and policies towards Russia and the rising BRICS nations. The suggestions you made are light compared to the attitude adjustments I would have suggested which would sound more like impeachment via international laws on propaganda, but, maybe that’s why I don’t have CIA after my name. As you have all clearly pointed out the line between state and the media is blurred at best these days, a person like me has to search far and wide for a real picture outside of the western media blackout (BRICS Bank, Gazprom & Gaza, “Nazis” & Shell in Ukraine, etc. whiteapple.ninja), remember, most of us don’t even have your sources. If I remember correctly Obama was just proclaiming that we needed to clean up our media and make sure that the citizens got a fair and honest view, not sure if words will do the trick here. What I do know is that like your “senses” seem to be telling you… mine are telling me that something smells very fishy and that the U.S. may not be the only countries my nose has implicated as far as what one might call ~ towing the company line. But most of all Ladies and Gentlemen (I try to save the best for last you know?), thank you for standing up for truth in justice, I think Socrates would’ve been more than approving and I am in your debt.
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