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Response to Christian Neef & Der Spiegel

I will not stand for Propaganda:

Fairy Tales and Fabrications in Eastern Ukraine by By Christian Neef in Grabovo, Ukraine 

At first i was thrilled to be reading a Der Spiegle article, especially after the moving speech by Sahra Wagenknecht.  Ironically this speech was given on June 4th, just before all this madness started to occur.  As i read deeper into the article, propaganda alarms started going off, so many that I thought this article would make a great example for those  that I've long since filed into my "P" folder e.g. BBC, CNN, FOX, Economist, WaPo, NYT and the others on the list that's growing day by day.  It's fascinating to me that even the title of this article can be so easily repurposed for my needs, just wanted to point that out.  My first taste of propaganda was around 12 when I was being unsuccessfully indoctrinated into my parent's religions (Judaism & Christianity), and I learned about the "Jesus discrepancy".  I figured that either one of these camps was lying, or, they both were.  That's another story though, and I'd prefer to just go through this article and point out the spots where my "P" alarm  went off and let you make up your minds for yourselves.  If you'd like some other examples in my propaganda folder or information regarding International/U.S. Propaganda Law please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Aside from the very telling two-way title, one of the first alarms went off while reading "When Borodai handed MH 17's flight recorder over to the Malaysia Airlines experts, they referred to him as "your excellency," just to play it safe."  One can't help but wonder if the experts said "just to play it safe" or if that was the writer's implant of bias on why experts said that?  Either way, if one is to assume that the experts did say that, it should be a quoted statement that can be verified instead of being presented as an assumed afterthought of the experts international cleverness in giving titles of honor to one that doesn't deserve it, which implies yet another accusation of double speak upon the experts.  If it is the writer's assumption it should be clarified as such so as to not ensure the experts' legitimacy to this claim when none may be due. 

"Then a rebel "press officer" wearing an exotic uniform comes down the street and talks about the West's crimes... The usual rhetorical polemics..."  The “rebel” - First of all, the legitimacy of the Kiev parliament is still in question by many like Noam Chomsky, Christopher Black, Kevin Barrett, and David Castle just to name a few.  Further, to term those that are defending their homes (they are not all "Russian Insurgents" after all), as well as their "democratic" right to decide on an economic package that best benefits them, as rebels, insurgents, or even Pro-Russian is more than just politically incorrect, it reeks of war propaganda.  What military officer doesn’t wear an exotic uniform by the way?  Why are the Ukrainians so special in this regard?  Where is the picture of said uniform so that an educated public and some fashion industry critics (myself included), can make up their own minds?  Further, as to why “press officer” is in quotations, I can only assume it was to imply that the “rebels’” press officer is somehow only posing as a press officer, thereby further discrediting the international and democratic authority of the representation of the people of Ukraine's East.  

"Europe has already indicated that it is losing patience with Moscow, and on Tuesday imposed the toughest round of sanctions yet."  So, is that all of “Europe”, or are there not certain countries taking the lead on accusing Russia without an international investigation and punishing it economically before a trial?  It is written all over the MSM in the U.K., U.S., Australia, Canada, Poland and more.  Losing Patience with a child is one thing, losing patience with a country that so many European and American citizens and corporations (whether "national" or not), are invested in sounds more like the old tune sung by war profiteers just before a resource seizure.  The world is well aware of the EU gas dilemma, the world is also aware that Russia holds claim to much of that gas, just as Gaza's Hamas holds the gas field, not Israel... yet.  Let's leave pipelinestan for another time though.

“Instead there has been a lot of finger-pointing.”  Always remember that when accusing others of pointing fingers it’s probably best not to point your own, and if you do, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you and a thumb upwards.  It won’t take much digging to realize who pointed fingers first, or how about McCain pointing fingers at Obama, or the fact that John Kerry and Barak Obama were well out of the finger pointing corner before anyone else.  They pointed knowing that many U.S. strategist circles as well as retired CIA have cautioned against rushing to judgement or running with an unloaded gun shooting propaganda blanks to spur support for an illegitimate WWIII.

"...neo-fascist, fundamentalist forces had used arms to seize power in Kiev.”  The comment was quoted from the "press officer" with an obvious disregarding tone for it's believability.  The blatant slander of the Pro-Russian/BRICS views and ideas regarding the MH17 issues are all too obvious, as obvious as the blind support of W. Ukraine/Kiev, U.K., and U.S. views.  The Neo Fascist ideals of Kiev’s leaders are well known unless you read only MSM, and the opaque reports of the covert actions of the CIA, FBI, and others from neighboring countries like Poland make one seriously consider the way in which this statement was presented.  

There is absolutely no mention of BRICS or BRICS Bank - This has become my #1 MSM Propaganda finder… if there is no mention of BRICS Bank getting formed on the 16th of June (one day before the MH17 event and the Israel Ground Invasion, and 1 day after my birthday), that it constitutes a direct democratic challenge to the U.S. run World Bank/IMF troika as Noam Chomsky calls it in "Power Systems", or their plans for a Transcontinental Railroad from Peru to Brazil, or how about a challenge to the Panama Canal?  I immediately change my glasses when reading an article that make no mention of this by the halfway point.  I’d advise that you do the same.

“For some time now, it has been leaders from Moscow and not local forces who have been calling the shots in the separatist republic. It's a subject that neither Putin nor the Russian media have shown much interest in addressing. Instead, the public defamation of Ukraine by Russia has reached new heights in the wake of the MH 17 crash.”  Where is the proof that Russia "calls the shots"?  If there is no proof regarding shots called, one has to wonder why this was included at all.  Further, what of all the support by the U.S. and others that were mentioned given to Kiev’s “military”.?  If Der Spiegel wants to compare new heights of nationalized defamation and information black outs, well, just take a stroll over to the Economist link below.

“In it, he claims that the government in Kiev has done everything it could to prevent international experts from getting to the crash scene. Then a Russian news agency issues a report claiming that the Malaysian aviation experts and their OSCE escorts came under fire by Ukrainian fighter jets on their way to the crash site.  The reports are just as untrue as the majority of what Russian television stations broadcast from the separatist republics each day.”  The fact that no pro E.U./U.S. paper has acknowledged the fact that the OSCE mentioned good in reference to the “rebels” three times in their report on July 21st, or the guarding of the train by “rebels”,  or that this article made no mention of the shelling on the Donetsk train station should set off a just few "P" alarms.  In the article I wrote regarding the reports of that day I show that it was likely that Kiev forces that shelled the train station and consequently made the train of bodies wait one more night.   

“The separatists and Moscow alike have indignantly denied that a Buk surface-to-air missile shot MH 17 down. They have also vehemently denied that rebels could even have been in possession of the air defense system."  They claim that evidence in the form of photos and recordings of conversations have been fabricated by the Ukrainians and the Americans.”  The claim of fabrication by the Ukrainians and Americans is not a lonely claim, this is not just Pro-Russian “Rebel” or "Kremlin" rhetoric.  Many in the U.S. are shocked and embarrassed that our policy makers seem all right with using “evidence” from YouTube and Twitter to substantiate an International Investigation.

“But on Wednesday, Alexander Khodakovsky, a rebel leader in Donetsk and commander of the notorious Vostok battalion, told Reuters that rebels did in fact possess the Buk missile system and that it could have come from Russia. Khodakovsky later retracted his statements, but the recording of the interview shows that it is in fact precisely what he said.”  This is but speculation and again seems more like grasping at social media straws rather than hard evidence to support a claim of guilt.  Let’s not forget that redaction is a US/UK/IS specialty, the Times of Israel recently took out an op ed about when “Genocide is Permissible” off their page which casued a bit of an uproar.

"OSCE official Hug has almost daily dealings with the rebels. Twice since April, he has had to intervene to secure the freedom of Western hostages held by them."  Notice that there is not one line regarding internment camps in Donbass, civillians killed by Ukraine/Kiev shelling or any of the numerous other Ukrainian human rights abuses.  This kind of reasoning leads me to believe that Hug may not be the most "objective" observer for the MH17 incident.  As well as "...we've known for some time now that there is quarreling among the rebels and that there are differences between the political level and their armed forces." He describes it as a "thicket of alliances, with many acting on their own." and "The OSCE has no political agenda," he says, "and that's what makes it possible for us to be in the combat area of the rebels."  Many would love to know how Hug got this information, who it came from, under who's authority and how long ago?  I find it suspicious that a paper such as the Der Spiegel can't offer up sources for claims such as these when they sport such a well sized and well paid staff.... I don't even have an editor and boy I wish I did.

"In exactly this moment, heavy shelling begins around 20 kilometers away from Grabovo in Snizhne, the town from which it is believed the rebels fired the missile that brought down Flight MH 17. The impact of the rockets in Snizhne is visible from as far away as the crash site. Despite the tragedy, the war continues unabated here."  No other details e.g. who is shelling who or why there is still a military push to the MH17 crash site when many agree that a ceasefire would be far more productive for speedy and safe investigation.

"The developments have led to political radicalization in Ukraine as well. Last week, President Petro Poroshenko ordered a partial mobilization for the third time, saying he needed 60,000 soldiers for deployment in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, he also got the opportunity for new elections after the parties backing him quit the government coalition. It is now likely that the final remaining members of parliament from the party of Poroshenko's deposed predecessor, Viktor Yanukovych, will be voted out of office. In addition, the Communist Party, which remains strong in the separatist areas, is expected to be banned."  What about these facts describes the process of a budding democracy in practice?  The part about sending in 60,000 more armed troops into an already morally questionable situation, or the banning of a legitimate political party without a citizen vote?

"Behind the scenes in the Kremlin, away from the official television propaganda, uncertainty is beginning to spread. Putin himself has seemed agitated and nervous in his latest television appearances."  This kind of statement is just laughable and verging on breakfast gossip, further, what leader is not agitated or nervous regarding the events of MH17, even I'm concerned as we stand of the precipice of WWIII without so much as a trial or investigation, is Der Spiegel and Christian Neef not?

"Moscow-based journalist and columnist Yulia Latynina described the events as a "Russian Lockerbie." And the editor-in-chief of the daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta is even predicting Putin's descent to the status of political "pariah" because he armed rebels in eastern Ukraine."  This echoes the same jumping of the gun that Western MSM has done in accusing Russia without proper evidence or even an investigation.

"This has made clear once and for all that Putin can no longer disentangle himself from the separatists."  A statement such as this once again ignores many reports of intervention by Western Nations or NATO Nations such as Poland or Lithuania.  This seals my accusations of a one sided geo-political viewpoint that smells of War Time Propaganda by both the author and Der Spiegle.

"On the way back to Donetsk, which was being shelled by the Ukrainian army at the time,"  Why this very important fact regarding the situation of Kiev forces possibly hampering the investigation appears at the end of the article should be of no surprise by now.  For getting to the bottom, here are some new developments... OCSE monitor mentions bullet holes in MH17- the Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, and a photo of the assumed bullet holes...


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