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UK skips down the Silk Road to see AIIB


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Slowly the reports started trickling in on Twitter this morning regarding the UK's very recent decision to join China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  At first just the announcement from gov.uk appeared, then the US rebuttals began coming from Financial Times attacking UK's "constant accomidation" with China, which I thankfully couldn't read due to both their paywall and fear of instant nausea. The gist was readily available soon after with an article from the Guardian entitled 'US anger at Britain joining Chinese-led investment bank AIIB' with the response from the White House national security council:

“Our position on the AIIB remains clear and consistent. The United States and many major global economies all agree there is a pressing need to enhance infrastructure investment around the world. We believe any new multilateral institution should incorporate the high standards of the World Bank and the regional development banks.

“Based on many discussions, we have concerns about whether the AIIB will meet these high standards, particularly related to governance, and environmental and social safeguards … The international community has a stake in seeing the AIIB complement the existing architecture, and to work effectively alongside the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.”

 Well, doesn't that just explain everything... the US cites "high standards" of the World Bank, this has got to be one the most hypocritical statements I've ever heard the US administration pump out.  Just recently the World bank was cited for their own internal watchdog not investigating the relation between loans and forced labor in Uzbekistan.  Not long before the ICIJ released leaked reports regarding the World Bank health and education initiative & the forced relocation of the Anuak in Ethiopia.  There are also reports of the World Bank waiting egarly with Canadian and US mining companies to profit off of the financial calamity of Haiti's post 2010 earthquake economy.  Let's not leave the IMF out of the party, aside from the recent and reasonable accusations that the IMF (not Russia), annexed Ukraine by Michael Hudson and others, we can always turn back to the shining example of Bolivia and how it regrets it ever met the IMF.  Or you can read what Noam Chomsky had to say for the hegemonic World Bank IMF in his book Power Systems... I'd paraphrase but I don't want to beat a dead horse.  The fact that the White House National Security Council had the audacity to cite the "high standards" of the World Bank is more than just appalling, it's downright embarrassing.  This is not to say that there aren't serious environmental concerns when it comes to the AIIB projects, but to ignore the human rights and back door deal patterns of the World Bank is just as serious.


Personally I commend the UK on it's Brexit move to the AIIB, it's the best damn thing they've done in a long time.  I also feel it is very necessary to remind the US Administration that when pointing a finger to remember that there are three pointing back at you, and many say one up.  It seems odd that just 2 days ago i received an email from "Obama' regarding the TPP

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.01.07 PM

Well, I can't say that naming China as the US competitor in the economic world of the 21st century was the best decision or in our country's best interests.  Many think that Obama's precious TPP legacy is a 'Trade Campaign Built On Four Pinocchios', and I would would add a 5th... viewing China as a Competitor vs a Partner.  Well, I must say, it doesn't look so good for the TPP right now.  This all reminds me of why the BRICS nations made their global investment bank in the first place, the apparent lack of ethics stemming from the Bubble Boys of Wall St. and London's Gold Exchange.  You do know the famous Chinese tale of the Stone Monkey King, it would be the text book I would recommend to the US Administration to base some of their attitudes on China and their "Pivot East".  I am opposed to their current policy actions in Okinawa that not only are an offense to the kind people there and the environment, but is yet another disruption in the fabric of peace on this planet much like the current US actions in Ukraine.  I firmly believe that the reason the official Doomsday clock is at 11:57 is not due to a nuclear deal in Iran, not due to existential threats to Russia (labeled as Russian aggression), but due to the blatent lack of regard that the US has shown not just for it's own nation (as the Snowden revelation & Fergusson show), but to the future of the world as a whole.  Let's not forget that Australia was recently toying with the very same idea (and still is), as the UK, but was convinced by both Kerry and Obama to not sign with AIIB.  Or how about Canada's interest in AIIB?  But beware, any nation caught so much as looking in the wrong direction may end up like Venezuela and be labeled a "threat".  It might also help to have some historical context here as well...





Just recently I watched Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan and John Cusack, a great movie.  Jackie plays the commander of an elite unit that protects the Silk Road, while throughout the movie there were many conflicts amongst the various nation states.  The overall theme was obvious to me (maybe not so much to the US administration), China realizes that if it wants its dream of the Silk Road to come true, we must have Peace.


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